About Us

About Our Comapny


KOTHARI INFRATECH LLP is a civil contracting company led by chairman, Mr. Tushar Ashok Kothari, (B.TECH – CIVIL HONS/ M.TECH – Project Management).
KOTHARI INFRATECH LLP’ motto is delivering qualities which we ensure we execute each step of the way.Having had A Diverse experience in various construction field namely Residentials, Commercial, I.T. Parks And S.E.Z , We Ensure commitment, Quality and Safety in all projects undertaken.

We are strongly committed to delivering continued excellence through all areas of business.The broad services offers across our core engineering areas not only ensure that client receive full benefits our designs. Constructions and management expertise but also secures revenue stream to provide for our future growth,investment and continued stability

Building with Emotion

In 2015, we embarked on a journey to provide efficient living options that entailed the coming together of innovative construction techniques and modern practices.

At Kothari Infratech LLP, we believe that passion and emotion are the most instrumental factors in realising a dream. For us, when a path is guided by it, the result is always remarkable. If there is passion, no hurdle is too big, no obstacle is unnerving, and no wall is too high to climb.


We are Responsible

We believe there are many who need our support in order to accomplish their important goals. We also believe that businesses have a responsibility to help.

On Time Project Delivery

The challenge is to create certainty about delivery on time, on budget and to the targeted quality.we are successfully deliver project within time

First Class Service

We provide first class service to all our clients.We provides world-class construction across a diverse range of industries and sectors.

Expert Engineers

All our clients are managed directly by expert engineers to help easily and expertly fulfill their needs.


All materials come directly from manufacturers and undergo an in-depth examination during procurement. The materials are tested for quality, durability and strength.


We’ve incorporated complete transparency in all our dealings. By adhering to the norms and regulations, providing any information as and when required

The most powerful theme on earth

We Believe

When you love your work, it shows. We rarely miss a deadline when it comes to delivering projects. With an experienced team of over 1,000 professionals and landmarks that span the length and width of the country, we certainly have given a thing or two back to the nation. Sprawling over 30 million square feet across verticals like Real Estate, Industrial and Infrastructure we have our feet firmly on the ground and our vision far ahead in the future.

The dreams of the customers are the motivation for our attention to detail and desire for perfection. We firmly believe that a corporate setup should tie everyone together, not confine them. Every Rohanite has the freedom to take up roles and responsibilities to use their talent to its full potential. Even the management is open to suggestion & inputs from all the stakeholders.

Dedicated Support Team

We provide best quality