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Stylish, Ageless homes

Branded materials used so that home looks new for years to come.

Latest Designs & Construction Technology

Beautiful looking homes with robust structure.

Professional and Accessible

Exceptional team of professionals always a call away to discuss your queries.

Luxurious Living

At Kothari Infratech LLP, luxurious living attain new horizon. It is a classic amalgamation of nature wonders and modern living.Luxury is intricately weaved into lush green woods, clear blue skies, hilly range and dancing rivulets. Kothari Infratech is a destination that offer you an eclectic range of homes, from sophisticated Row- House villas at contemporary pool apartment. We seep into the surroundings without interfering with the natural beauty: a place that harbour sophisticated and peace to your lifestyle

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Innovation & Technology

We believe in embracing change to stimulate creativity and ingenuity that is central to bringing new products and services to our clients

Customer Centricity

strive to add value and inspire our clients because we recognize that they come to us by our choice


We upload the highest standard of integrity in all of our actions.


Work as one we harness the difference and interdependencies to unleash the power of one.

Efficiency and Excellence

We focus on the result, act with the ambitions to be operationally competitive.


We are willing to take responsibility for our actions their impact.

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