We don’t only build Homes, We Create Happiness.

We are experiencing steady growth in business as a result of the lasting relationships we build with our clients. In an ever changing world, technology is our main resource. We are actively training our team members in the most advanced products and applications to better serve our clients. Our most valuable asset is, by and large our versatility. We have a diversified team with a broad range of experience on many levels of the construction industry.


At Kothari Infratech LLP, we believe in building long lasting relationships – with our customers, our partners and our allies. We conscientiously work towards satisfying our customers, while keeping in mind the best interest of all those who work with us. We strongly believe that it is these relationships that will prove to be our longest lasting assets.

our philosophy of investing in relationships and creating strong bonds with everyone we interact with.

Investing with Kothari Infratech LLP is therefore, equivalent to investing in an everlasting relationship with benefits for all.